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Letters from The Pensions Regulator

In order to prepare every employer in the UK for the new workplace pension The Pensions Regulator have been sending out various letters. These are being sent to employers by email and by post.


There are 3 action letters that you will receive


  1. Letter informing you of your Staging Date and to Nominate a Contact

    • This letter is the first letter and will tell you when your scheme must be in place.
    • If you use our payroll services we will have written to you by now to help you prepare for this email.
    • We will instruct you to nominate yourself as a primary, and us as a secondary contact - even if you aren't sure you'll use our service.
    • There are specific details that we would like you to enter so if you haven't received the details from us please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Letter asking you to 'Choose a Pension Scheme 

    • By now we will have contacted you to subscribe to Enable Autoenrol
    • If you are signed up to the default service we will register you with NEST
    • Don't want to use NEST? Please inform us of the scheme you wish to use
  3. Letter asking you to complete your 'Declaration of Compliance'

    • By now we will have contacted your to set up your Enable Autoenrol account
    • Completing your Declaration of Compliance is part of the service so you don't need to act

 Examples of the Letters - click for full size (opens in new window)

Pension Scheme LetterNominate LetterDeclaration of Compliance Letter
thumbnail of choose a pension scheme letter thumbnail of nominate a contact letter thumbnail of declaration of compliance letter


If you've already received all the above letters or are not already one of our payroll clients - we can still help!

Request a Quote and we will get back to you ASAP.