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Our Fully Comprehensive Service

Enable Autoenrol is a fully comprehensive workplace pension solution for employers.

We will take care of all your workplace pension obligations:

  • Set up a pension scheme with NEST
  • Send all regulatory communication to your employees
  • Categorise your employees on your Staging Date 
  • Automatically enrol your employees in the pension, if they qualify 
  • Register with The Pensions Regulator
  • Process any opt outs and opt ins 
  • Continue to monitor your employees' status each month 
  • Complete the Declaration of Compliance with The Pensions Regulator
  • Keep comprehensive auto enrolment records 
  • Ensure that you are complying with all pension legislation


The fully comprehensive service will take into account the following conditions:

  • Statutory Minimum Contributions will be deducted unless notified by the client
  • Qualifying Earnings or Banded Earnings will be used for deductions unless otherwise notified by the client
  • No Postponement; first deduction will be made from the first pay period after staging date will be actioned unless notified by the client
  • Salary agreements (Net or Gross) will remain in place, unless notified by the client